You want to become a digital nomad but you’re not sure where to begin? Rest easy! Here’s a complete encyclopedia of nomad knowledge to reveal your best path to the digital nomad lifestyle…

Jobs have been ranked on a few factors such as their learning curve, risk and growth potential.

As you move down the list, you’ll find with ways to capitalize on your talents! In the meantime, teaching English to Chinese students is a fantastic way to kick-start your digital nomad journey with a refined skillset!

Prepare to develop your craft as a freelancer, take on a remote job or bootstrap your own business. Grow and manifest that life you’ve dreamt of from the other side of the globe.


—Table of contents—

Online English Teacher

Online English Teacher

The point of entry for many nomads is English Teaching. It’s the perfect all-rounder! Flexible hours, a solid schedule & fantastic pay make this an excellent choice for those wanting to take the plunge. It’s low-committal, relatively stress-free and laid-back!

Advantages +


  • Get started quickly & easily

  • Make $16 – $28 per hour

  • Lesson content & materials are provided

  • Consistent income and job security

  • Time for side-projects

  • A very rewarding role

  • If you have a degree you can get started in 2 – 3 weeks.

Things to Consider –

  • The main online schools prefer native English speakers.

  • A degree is sometimes necessary

  • A TEFL will greatly increase your employability.

  • ESL teachers can sometimes find themselves feeling stuck after one or two years. Stay actively engaged with other side-projects and use this position to your advantage!

Additional Information:

I was a teacher for 3 years! It gave me the opportunity to launch an Amazon FBA brand, work for an NGO and design this website! You can earn $1500 each month with DadaABC for 15 hours of work. This gives you plenty of time to pursue the lifestyle, business or career of your dreams.

  • Growth Potential 30% 30%
  • Quick Cash 90% 90%
  • Entrepreneurial 10% 10%
  • Risk 5% 5%
  • Learning Curve 25% 25%

Required: Native English Speaker; TEFL

Desirable: Degree, Teaching Experience

Essential Resources:

Let’s TEFL – $199 I studied this course! It’ll give you expertise and management skills specifically for the online classroom.

i-to-i – $129 Another great option! Slightly cheaper than Let’s TEFL, but geared more towards classroom-based ESL teachers.

Check out DadaABC if you’re a native speaker 

Check out VIPKid if you’re an American or a Canadian

Check out SayABC if you don’t have a degree ✌️

The Online English Teacher Blueprint

Not to be ignored, this exceptional opportunity gives you the freedom to make a swift entry into the nomad lifestyle! With a low barrier-to-entry, a booming industry and exceptional salaries, I highly recommend this!

Click here for the full Online English Teacher Blueprint

WordPress Developer

Freelance WordPress Developer

WordPress is taking the world by storm! WordPress Developers are able to cast a spell and envision a colorful new vision for their clients. With the development of themes such as Divi and Avada, it’s possible to become a full-blown WordPress Designer with very little experience. All you need is a creative eye and some time to learn and experiment. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be hooked on Divi’s innovative web builder. Divi is like a whole website builder in itself. You could use it for years and continue to learn new things. You don’t need any coding experience. A creative palette and patience are all you need!

Advantages +

  • The sky is the limit in terms of growth & salary potential.

  • You can earn between $100 per website and $1000 per website.

  • The drag-and-drop functionality of builders such as Divi is intuitive & fun.

  • Ties together art, creativity, and design experience.

  • A versatile tool for all marketers and business owners.

Things to Consider –


  • They’ll be some healthy pressure when you take on your first paid clients.

  • A steep learning curve. People love the challenge, but it can bring about a small dose of short-term stress. “Smooth seas never made a skilled sailor”.

  • There may not be many tutorials available for your chosen theme. There are plenty for Divi, Avada, and Be. These are good starting points.

  • Clients often require on-going support. If something breaks, you may have go back in & fix it.

  • Growth Potential 80% 80%
  • Quick Cash 35% 35%
  • Entrepreneurial 50% 50%
  • Risk 30% 30%
  • Learning Curve 85% 85%

Required: Creativity; a sharp eye for design; the ability to communicate well with clients.

Desirable: Some coding knowledge (but this is not necessary regardless of what some serious web developers/coders will tell you!)


Divi – design beautiful, complex websites easily.
Skillshare – two-months free trial
Udemy – this course, in particular, is worthwhile.

Remember: customizing pre-existing themes is a great way to learn WordPress & get into web design! Coding purists and experienced Web Developers (aka coders) may convince you to build your own websites from scratch, but in 2019: WordPress is king! If you love design and take a fancy to coding, you’ll naturally pick up CSS & Javascript over time!

The sky is the limit!

A Brief WordPress Developer Blueprint (Full Blueprint Coming Soon!).


1. Go to CodeAcademy and follow the courses on HTML & CSS. The perfect place to start.

2. If you’re a visual learner, buy this graphically-awesome reference book and keep it nearby – Jon Duckett – HTML & CSS.

3. Study a WordPress Development course on Udemy or Skillshare. There are plenty on Divi, but you can also study something more generic that will give you an overview of WordPress. Find something with lots of positive reviews, and commit.

  • Udemy
  • Skillshare – you get two-months free!

4. The most important step: take action and build WordPress websites as you go! Again – VITAL! Taking action means that you are not procrastinating. It is becoming real and you are making it happen. Download Divi, Avada or Be and get started. My honest recommendation is Divi. The Nomad Launchpad is running off Divi. It’s incredibly simple to use, with the capacity dig deeper as you learn more CSS.

5. Build 3 websites for family, friends or NGOs. If you can’t find anyone, post up in Facebook Groups. You’re offering an incredible service for free, so you can afford to find ‘clients’ that you like.

6. Put these projects on your own website, and populate your portfolio. Nobody will know you did this work for free 😉

7. Build freelancer accounts, set your initial rates low and hustle on:

People Per Hour
Facebook Groups: _____, ______ & _______.

7. Your focus now is to build up your portfolio to 3 – 5 distinct pieces. Make enough to live comfortably in Asia and build a rich portfolio of clients. Support yourself by landing an online English teaching job. Now you can take your time without financial pressure.


Virtual Assistant

Be the steely sidekick and become a virtual assistant. Long gone are the days where an assistant must remain locked to their desks. All you need is a fast internet connection. A Virtual Assistant can be involved in anything from Social Media or E-Commerce to a Customer Support and Copywriting. You could be managing social media accounts, adding products to an online store or writing content!

Advantages +

  • You’re able to choose your own clients

  • Learn new skills and grow in a direction of your choice

Things to Consider –

  • Sometimes the tasks can be monotonous

  • Flexible working hours can get in the way of your weekends. Set rules to make sure your work and private life remain separate

Future Avenues:

Many virtual assistants go on to build a virtual assistant business! With this, you’ll be able to employ off-shore workers and outsource the basic tasks. This will allow you to focus on the big projects and the things you love! Whether that’s Project Management, Social Media, Online Marketing or Real Estate…

  • Growth Potential 75% 75%
  • Quick Cash 50% 50%
  • Entrepreneurial 30% 30%
  • Risk 15% 15%
  • Learning Curve 25% 25%


  • Fluency in English (usually!).

  • A positive can-do attitude.

  • Being “on call” for Skype calls during office hours

Desirable: Fluency in English; Recruitment Skills; People Management or HR; Project Management; 


Remember: being a virtual assistant is just the start of your journey. You don’t need any qualifications to get started. Once you figure out what you’re good at, you can become an expert in that niche and grow a team!



A passion project that may evolve into a full-blown business, but you must be hungry for it because it will take persistence! One of the highest-reward digital nomad jobs out there. Build this in tandem with your other income streams and give yourself time to grow the blog or website organically.

Advantages +

  • It can evolve in many new directions.

  • You’ll learn SEO, Online Marketing & WordPress.

  • You’ll become an authority on your passion. This will lead to opportunities.

  • You can earn money early on through Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing.

  • You can direct your audience towards a product or service. E.g. workshop, an online course, an eBook, a consultancy service, a podcast etc.

  • Professional bloggers can earn $1000 – $10,000+ per month

Things to Consider –

  • A fortune will not land immediately at your feet

  • It will take a lot of patience and an entrepreneurial mindset

  • I recommend starting this as a side-project

  • You may need to ‘sell’ your personality online

  • Growth Potential 85% 85%
  • Quick Cash 5% 5%
  • Entrepreneurial 60% 60%
  • Risk 10% 10%
  • Learning Curve 40% 40%

Required: An authentic passion for your blog topic; some basic writing skills.

Desirable: WordPress; SEO; Social Media & Online Marketing

Recommended Resources:

  • SEMRush for keyword research and finding your niche. It’s expensive but it’s a game changer, and the perfect way to structure your blog based on evidence.

  • Divi, Avada or Be themes on WordPress. They have plenty of out-the-box solutions for bloggers to get setup quickly.

Remember: a blogger uses their command of the English language to entice readers and create awe-inspiring content! Once you have a loyal following you can redirect them towards a product or service! You’ll also be able to make money through advertising.

Make this a side-hustle, and water it often…

Remote Job (Bring your Job with you)

Remote Worker

One of the best ways to bank that digital nomad lifestyle it to bring your work with you! Convince your boss to let you go remote and get the best of both worlds. Security and digital nomadism. You get the benefits of a western salary with the beauty and freedom of travel!

Advantages +

  • Income security & a fixed wage!

  • Bring your work with you.

  • Great relationships with your boss and team (due to trust and transparency).

  • Your salary will go much much further!

  • A wealth of tools such as Trello, Skype & Slack make this possible.

Things to Consider –


  • You may miss your old office crew!

  • You might feel out-of-sync with the rest of the team.

  • You may be needed to attend late night business meetings via Skype.

  • Communication can be tough!

  • Getting a promotion or asking for a pay-rise might be harder without that personal-touch. Save this for a quarterly, or yearly review if possible.

  • Growth Potential 40% 40%
  • Quick Cash 95% 95%
  • Entrepreneurial 5% 5%
  • Risk 10% 10%
  • Learning Curve 15% 15%

Required: Relevant Skills; Experience; Organized

Desirable: Time-Management; Communication Skills (via Social Media, eMail & Instant Messenger!); Task Prioritization & Management

Jobs that adapt well to remote work: social media marketer; e-commerce; digital marketer; developer; writer; account manager.

Recommended Apps:

Trello and Asana (Task Management)

Skype and Slack (Communication)

Remember: working remotely fuses your job role with the dream digital nomad lifestyle! Give it a shot and make preparations to make this a reality. 

What have you got to lose?



With sharp wit and enchanting prose, you can become a copywriting pro! This one takes talent and a refined skill. Captivate audiences and help your clients sell their products and services.

Advantages +

  • Experienced copywriters earn a lucrative salary

  • Perfect if you love to craft a narrative and charm an audience

  • Everything from websites to product packaging requires sharp content

  • A labour of love

  • There will always be a high demand for gifted copywriters

  • Previous clients can provide a base.

Things to Consider –

  • Writing can be a lonely practice.

  • You’ll need to be self-motivated and disciplined with your time.

  • It has a steep learning curve. It takes years of practice to master.

  • It can be hard to get constructive feedback from your clients.

  • The pay will be low at first.

  • There is a lot of competition. You will have to promote yourself well. 

  • Only chase this is you’re truly passionate, else you’ll struggle.

  • Growth Potential 35% 35%
  • Quick Cash 25% 25%
  • Entrepreneurial 10% 10%
  • Risk 45% 45%
  • Learning Curve 65% 65%

Required: Advanced writing skills; the ability to sell yourself online; great self-discipline

Desirable: experience in a particular niche; the media industry or journalism.

Recommended Resources:

  • Hemingway is the best app ever for writing.

  • Grammarly keeps you in Oxfords’ good-books…

  • Be Focused Pro helps you write fast and efficiently

  • Use Upwork, People Per Hour & Freelancer to find work

Remember: ——-

Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

The graphic designer takes shabby brands to the highest heights with passion and flair! They will translate their clients message into an artistic vision, and communicate the ethos of the brand using subtle artistic expression and persuasion. One of the coolest digital nomad jobs out there. If you’re a talented designer, all you need to do is market yourself online and build a client base…

Advantages +

  • One of the most creative jobs out there

  • The perfect balance of artistic and analytical (right & left brained)

  • Highly employable if you ever go back to a traditional office setting

  • Grow into a number of sub-categories: illustration, logo design, branding, multimedia design, photo-editing, product packaging, web-design.

  • There will always be a demand for graphic design

  • Everyone will think you’re cool…

Things to Consider –

  • Designers often overwork themselves

  • Deciding a pricing structure can be difficult

  • You never know how long a project will take (clients can mess you around).

  • Work can be unstable, and on a project-by-project basis

  • You will need to communicate very effectively with your clients, and set strict boundaries when it comes to revisions. Clients often expect endless revisions which can suck up your entire week. Be clear from the start.

  • Growth Potential 60% 60%
  • Quick Cash 35% 35%
  • Entrepreneurial 25% 25%
  • Risk 35% 35%
  • Learning Curve 95% 95%

Required: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop & InDesign. Significant experience in the field.

Desirable: Passion & Drive; Communication; a Critical Eye for Design; An Understanding of Advertising Psychology.

Recommended Resources:

  • Stencil – a great starting point and good for quickly whipping up social media graphics. But way too basic for major design.  

  • Adobe Creative Suite – an essential for every graphic designer.

Remember: ——-

Yoga Teacher

Yoga Teacher

Yoga Teachers travel the world whilst getting paid to communicate their passion. Whilst not “digital”, these yoga nomads live an ethereal fluid lifestyle. As students of the universe, they’re always looking for ways to deepen their practice. The journey is as much of an internal one as an external one, man! 

Advantages +

  • The ability to learn and teach your passion each day

  • A high level of respect from your students

  • Help others and lead a holistic life

  • Diversify into: mental health counseling, life-coaching, fitness coaching, reiki, spiritualism, physical therapy and nutrition.

Things to Consider –

  • The salary can be low by Western standards.

  • The cost of flying around the globe to teach short-contracts can wipe out your savings.

  • In order to make money, you could teach English online, freelance, or develop a yoga business of your own.

  • Growth Potential 40% 40%
  • Quick Cash 40% 40%
  • Entrepreneurial 5% 5%
  • Risk 15% 15%
  • Learning Curve 30% 30%

Required: a hunger to better yourself, and help others develop their practice; Yoga Teacher Training and significant practice; a high level of physical fitness 

Desirable: a calm, constructive and optimistic demeanor; genuine interest in the theory of yoga, and other related mind/body practices.

Recommended Resources:

 Learn online teacher training: —-

Remember: yoga has a life-changing allure that attracts people for its health, fitness & spiritual wellness… Cultivate other skills alongside & double-up your digital nomad success!

Social Media Marketer

Social Media Marketer

They use extroverted wizardry to create hype and enchant audiences! Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and Facebook are their battlegrounds. It’s their job to make brands more personable and transparent. Social media is the most powerful tool in a brands’ arsenal. This is an industry that’s set to ignite!

Advantages +

  • Influence the development of a brand and watch it grow!

  • Create brand stories and build momentum.

  • Become an expert in one type of social media. Or generalize in a handful.

  • You can choose the clients that you care about

  • You can diversify into: content creation (video or blog posts), graphic design, customer relations, customer support, video editing…

Things to Consider –

  • You’ll need to set strict rules to prevent working during your private time.

  • Educating your clients on the value of social media may become tiresome! 

  • Avoid posting for the sake of posting. There needs to be a firm strategy behind your content.

  • You may have to liaise with influencers in other timezones, and you can’t meet face-to-face.

  • You must adopt your brands tone (stylistic manner, typography, colour schemes, grammar etc).

  • Growth Potential 60% 60%
  • Quick Cash 30% 30%
  • Entrepreneurial 30% 30%
  • Risk 15% 15%
  • Learning Curve 10% 10%

Required: A strong desire to engage with others online; a good understanding of what works; a friendly, extroverted personality; good eye for design.

Desirable: an ability to use Canva; the desire to learn new skills based on the clients’ needs.

Resources: – design social media graphics and awesome content for Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Faster than Canva with fewer restrictions. – a fantastic app for queuing up and planning social media posts.

Remember: one of the easiest roles to perform from great distances! Master the social media landscape and free yourself for location independence… Grow towards a career in content creation, graphic design or marketing strategy!

SHopify Developer

Shopify Developer

Builds e-commerce websites for clients… A strong knowledge of coding is required to create new themes. HTML, CSS & Javascript.

Advantages +

  • There are thousands of people wanting Shopify websites

  • There’s less competition (everyone is a WordPress developer)

  • Since there is no drag-and-drop builder – Shopify shop owners usually ALWAYS need to pay a coder for a custom theme.

  • A very straightforward way to code

  • A fusion between technical and creative

  • Always learning

  • Opportunity to develop your own plugins and themes (it’s an unsaturated market).

Things to Consider –

  • There are more limitations with Shopify than WordPress

  • Limited to the e-commerce industry

  • You need to be good at coding (unlike Divi with WordPress)

  • Force yourself to take regular breaks to avoid coders’ burnout!

  • You can make money by selling your own themes & plugins – this is worth considering!

  • Growth Potential 80% 80%
  • Quick Cash 5% 5%
  • Entrepreneurial 50% 50%
  • Risk 10% 10%
  • Learning Curve 40% 40%

Required: HTML, CSS, Liquid; High Level of Focus; Logical Thinking; Analytical

Desirable: Javascript (JQuery); Good Communication with Clients

Recommended Resources:

  • FreeCodeCamp – the best place to start

  • Treehouse – to become a pro (free trial)

  • Shopify – to build your own store (free trial)

Remember: one of the easiest roles to perform from great distances! Master the social media landscape and free yourself for location independence… Grow towards a career in content creation, graphic design or marketing strategy!

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