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Pete Scratchley

Pete Scratchley

Founder of Nomad Launchpad

As a nomad of 3.5 years, I’ve explored paths where I’ve tried, tested, failed and succeeded. The Nomad Launchpad is a place to learn, grow and evolve. stomping grounds

a Nomad who’s been living abroad for almost 4-years, I’ve explored many paths where I’ve tried, tested and succeeded. The Nomad Launchpad is my stomping ground where I’ll feed you with the tips & techniques that I’ve picked up. For me, the Digital Nomad lifestyle was a catalyst for deep change and growth as a person. It’s my aim to show you what’s possible because it’s worth it!

Creating this site was the result of exploring divergent paths where I tried, tested, failed and succeeded. Starting the digital nomad path gave me the inspiration I needed to challenge myself & grow. As a nomad, the hurdles you overcome push you to evolve. The environment makes you a better and more capable person than you were the day before. Take the chance and hit the ground running. You will not regret it!

The Mission of The Nomad Launchpad

By starting my journey as a digital nomad, I’ve been able to grow through endless challenge and real-life problem-solving.

As a digital nomad, you face cultural barriers, chaotic 

The growth opportunities since moving abroad have been endless! My personal experience with Amazon FBA, Online Teaching, Digital Marketing, Corporate Life and Health & Wellness have led me to establish the Nomad Launchpad.

I am abandoning the “imposter syndrome” I previously had and dedicating time to this vital online resource. By acknowledging my 4-year’s worth of experience as a nomad, I will bring authenticity and experience to this playing field. I will help you find your path (Digital Nomad Jobs), guide you to your destination (Location Guidebooks), and ensure you’re equipped to master it (The Nomad Survival Kit).

An ever-expanding hub of all things ‘digital nomad’: The Nomad Launchpad is your new focal point for growth. I will show you how to materialize your dreams without the bullshit. The website will ALWAYS stay authentic and show every aspect – both positive and negative – as well as a grind associated with entrepreneurship and digital nomadery.

I’m not here to sell the digital nomad dream. I’m here to show you how fantastic this life can be, and steer you away from the pitfalls.

A little biography:


In my earliest days, I grew up in the English countryside. Opportunities were sparse and we’d make our own fun. Hip-hop, video games, and raves in far-flung cities. After a slew of shameful grades and hard work, I made it to university. My course was epic. I wanted to learn more about social psychology and more about the ills of the reasons Western society. I studied Sociology and Media Communications & Culture. The course broadened my mind but offered nothing in terms of job opportunities.

After graduating I blitzed through a chain of corporate jobs. Chasing… something? These jobs sapped my soul and consumed my personality. I was tired, drained and close to burnout at 24-years old. I felt financially trapped and unable to dissipate my stress by enjoying London. My funds were ___ by rent, bills, and food. I learned a great deal about branding, marketing and how advertising agencies work. But frankly, I didn’t care. It was soulless. Was I faulty? Why was I the only one who felt this way? Was there no alternative?

I decided to A/B test my experience by traveling to India for 3-months where I lived on the bare minimum. I’d never extensively traveled at this point, and I threw myself in at the deep end. It was a whirlwind of cultural, social shift that I still deeply appreciate to this day. I came home with a buzz. Within 3-months I’d decided to study my TEFL and move to Hanoi, Vietnam where I lived for two years.

— Picture Gallery —

The impact of all of these experiences took a while to surface. The effects were not immediate. I had to ‘warm up’ to them. And after moving home for 6-months, the clarity of living abroad became clear.

The result of the A/B test was as follows:

I knew what I disliked: working for others and soulless work

I knew what to chase: rewarding work and project-based achievement

I knew what type of friendships to feed: and which to forget

I knew what I should prioritize: health, happiness, and fascination.

3 years on, I’ve now developed a repertoire of online skills that cultivated alongside my English Teaching job in Hanoi. The free time gave me the ability to skyrocket my progress. I hit new heights, mastering SEO, Content Marketing and Branding by studying on Udemy & Skillshare and sharpening my skillset.

By 2018 I had worked as a Digital Design Officer for a charity in the UK, and written up plans for my Amazon Brand.

Traveling Abroad


—map highlighting my locations—

I’ve now lived in Chiang Mai, Hanoi and Hoi An. whilst building communities in foreign countries. I supplement my income and bootstrap my businesses by teaching English to Chinese students online. If you’re interested in following a similar path, I recommend Applying for DadaABC. You can use an Online English Teaching Job to supplement your income whilst you find out how to become a Digital Nomad. If you use my link when applying for DadaABC, I’ll get a small commission which helps keep The Nomad Launchpad rolling. Click generously 🙂


A Growth Mindset


A Mountain of Music


A Serving of Side-Hussle


A Twist of Ashtanga


A Hint of Adventure


A sackful of Nutrition

– Digital Nomad Strengths –

Optimistic & Motivated


Follower of Intuition

Out-of-the-Box thinker

Comfort Barrier Breaker

Social influencer

– Digital Nomad Weaknesses –

Fear of Failure

Staying Focused

Too Many Projects

Perhaps you can relate to some of the weaknesses? It takes time to find the right balance. Living abroad will give you the time you need to slow down, hone-in and improve yourself.


“We’re so scared of being judged that we look for every excuse to procrastinate.”

– The 7 Irrepressible Reasons to Become A Digital Nomad –

The ability to Embrace New Opportunities

I can live freely and travel anywhere

Hammer out content on a howling mountain with icy winds and steaming coffee. Listen to your headphones whilst drawing in the sights of a lush rainforest or a neon-flushed kinetic megalopolis. Build your client base or business online and take your work with you.

I am responsible for my success

No longer am I relying on anyone else for success. I don’t have to sit and wait for replies to job applications. I am not a victim ‘hoping’ for the economy to get better, or for my boss to give me a raise. I’m not competing with passive-aggressive coworkers, and can I choose my environment based on it’s capacity to enable me to grow.

I am my boss. I manage my time.

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Passive cultural Learning

My life has become richer due to the company I surround myself with. Some of the most humble, open, honest and perseverant people I’ve met from every continent. Rich cultural diversity expands your education & broadens your worldview.

Constant challenge & growth.

Influence the world and take hold of your freedom. Utilize energy and the natural law of attraction to shape the world with other likeminded innovators.

To Live & experience the world and Mitigate Future regrets

We only get one life. We have these incredible opportunities to challenge ourselves and live fully without restraints of borders, control, and social fear that’s so common back home. When you’re free from that, you realize you can change the world, live in peace and make it better at your own pace.

The digital nomad life is not a walk in the park… It comes with burnouts, adversity, and fatigue.

“Smooth seas never made a skilled sailor

– My Digital Nomad Timeline –

“Life always begins with one step outside of your comfort zone”

The Rise of The Digital Nomads

By 2035 the world will have 1 billion online workers. The world is starting to realize this huge shift. The benefits for employers are vast:

91% of remote workers / digital nomads say they are more productive

11% are happier working remotely

The likelihood is that as millennials take on new roles, this number will increase further.

View the full Hubspot report here.

For me, the reasons are as follows…

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